Delays, damage and disruption to cargo are costly and disruptive. They reduce your ability to meet your promises to customers and may lead to lost business. You waste management time on claims, pay higher premiums and may find you become a bad risk.

All of this makes cargo risk management a critical component of your supply-chain management. In the belief that prevention is better than cure, Website Crossway works with you to assess your cargo risk profile. We then advise on procedures which can reduce the potential for pilferage or damage. This includes secure packing methods, optimal routing, trustworthy third parties for staging and transportation and cargo tracking in transit. 

Our premises and fleet are strictly controlled and monitored around the clock. By reducing the incidence of discrepancy, you become a better insurance risk. Your precise requirements may vary depending on the cover offered by your supplier, your purchase terms and other factors. The conditions need to conform with changes to international trade practices and international interpretations.

Once your profile has been determined, we assist you in negotiating appropriate and cost-effective cover for your various surface or air consignments using the skill and experience of our accredited broker. As we hold an "open marine" policy we are able to activate per-shipment cover automatically.

To save you time and reduce paperwork, the premium is raised on our invoice of transport charges. We hand over claims to the insurers for prompt settlement without involving you in time-consuming procedures.