These days, cargo transportation is as much about security as urgency of delivery. Wherever there is cargo on the road, there is some element of risk. In a high-risk environment like Zimbabwe, prevention is better than cure. 

That's why you'll be reassured to learn about the precautions taken by Website Crossway. Whether en route from the point of entry to your premises or our logistics center or during distribution to end users, your cargo is in modern, custom-designed vehicles with full security back up. All these trucks are protected by satellite tracking devices. In the case of high value consignments in transit unmarked vehicles for greater protection shadow them. 

The use of modern fuel-efficient vehicles gives you economic distribution rates and the elimination of the breakdowns that cause disruption. As a final point, as our premises are access controlled and monitored round the clock even the loading and off-loading procedures are carefully scrutinized. You may even find it more cost-efficient to outsource all your transport and distribution requirements to Website Crossway.